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Tick Tock

(weewerk 019) released Nov. 21, 2006
Tick Tock

What Is Being Said About The Burning Hell

Montreal Mirror, Mar 07 - "It was with pleasure that I discovered the Burning Hell. The mostly-ukulele music and laugh-inducing lyrics of Mathias Kom stay on the good side of silly, while still maintaining that increasingly scarce sincerity." 

BeatRoute Magazine Nov 07 - "The Burning Hell is an intriguing combination of musical prowess and lyrical perversive-ness put together with a keen eye for the details. Kom manages a seemingly impossible combination of cynicism and hope recorded over the rock version of folk music instrumentation." 

The Arthur, Best Albums of 06 - "Tick Tock is a beautiful collection of brand-spankin' new songs written by The Burning Hell (a.k.a. Mathias Kom), and performed by a collection of local musicians and instruments ranging from melodica and ukulele to Charlie Glasspool and Jenny Gleeson. The songs are full of Mathias' typical tongue in cheek "suck it up and get on with it" sense of humour intertwined with a very honest raw painting of life as we know it around these parts." 

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