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Volume IV: The Lions of Love

(weewerk 012) released Jan. 01, 2007
Volume IV: The Lions of Love

Selected Press Quotes For Volume IV: The Lions of Love

"Two-Minute Miracles return with a captivating collection of 16 spirited songs. Andy Magoffin has never been shy conveying anecdotal info in his music and, as something of a sponge, his quirky curiosity has yielded some terrific multi-layered lyrics. A master musician to boot, Magoffin's Two-Minute Miracles can be the most daring rock band this side of Wilco, building ingenious songs up into sturdy, eye-catching structures... Endearing and puzzling, The Lions of Love is a welcome, pure dose of seedy rock'n'roll by the Two-Minute Miracles." - Vish Khanna, Exclaim! 

"Producer Andy Magoffin is the Timbaland of Southern Ontario alt-country. On Lions, he sounds energized to be back on the other side of the mixing board. From Guelph-dissing, London-loving opener The Minus Ball to the Wilco Summmerteeth-era distorted guitar pop of The Bee Hell, Magoffin keeps the album flowing evenly with dusty rock, occasionally diverging into brooding last-call laments like No Fairway and Unusual Romance." - Tim Perlich, Now Magazine 

"The Lions Of Love is just another day in the office for Magoffin--16 perfect country-pop songs from a world of economy and anonymity. It's a little slice of heaven." - Soundscapes 


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