THE BURNING HELL has one heck of a European tour upcoming, along with friends like Nick Ferrio and His Feelings, MoreEats, and more. In June, they will start recording their new album in Berlin. Then in July, they will drive way up north, as the song goes:

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Here are the tour dates so far:  

May 3 - Baron, Mainz DE (w/ Nick Ferrio and Ben Hermanski)
May 4 - Kesselhaus, Hanover DE (w/ Nick Ferrio)
May 5 - Marie Antoinette, Berlin DE (w/ Royalchord)
May 6 - Woodstock, Erfurt, DE (w/ Nick Ferrio)
May 7 - Franzis, Wetzlar DE (w/ Nick Ferrio)
May 8 - BarCelona, Siegen DE (w/ Nick Ferrio)
May 9 - Bahía de Cochinos, Castrop Rauxel, DE (w/ Nick Ferrio)
May 10 - King Georg, Köln DE
May 11 - Salon Noir, Frankfurt, DE (w/ Nick Ferrio)
May 12 - Der Bock, Mannheim, DE (w/ Nick Ferrio)
May 13 - Nürtingen @ Provisorium (w/ Nick Ferrio)
May 14 - Portier, Winterthur CH (w/ MoreEats)
May 15 - Henrici, Zürich CH (w/ MoreEats)
May 16 - Brasserie du Chateau, Lausanne, CH (w/ MoreEats)
May 17 - Pantographe, Moutier, CH (w/ MoreEats)
May 18 - Trou Noir, Vaduz, LI (w/ Nick Ferrio)
May 19 - Viertel, Trogen CH (w/ MoreEats)
May 20 - Alte Post, Schaan, LI (Pilot to Bombardier)
May 21 - Crailsheimer Jugendzentrum, Crailsheim, DE (w/ Pilot to Bombardier)
May 22 - Zwölfzehn, Stuttgart DE (w/ Nick Ferrio)
May 23 - Wilhelma, Tübingen DE (w/ Nick Ferrio)
May 24 - Hemdendienst, Nürnberg DE (w/ Nick Ferrio and Pilot to Bombardier)
May 25 - Hempels, Augsburg DE (w/ Nick Ferrio)
May 26 - Das Veilchen, Graz AU
May 27 - Rhiz, Vienna AU
May 29 - Hlava 22, Bratislava, SK (w/ Nick Ferrio)
May 30 - Troika, Brno, CZ (w/ Nick Ferrio, Urband and Chris Barickman)
May 31 - 007, Prague, CZ
June 1 - Stille Post, Görlitz, DE (w/ Nick Ferrio)
June 2 - Ostpol, Dresden DE (w/ Nick Ferrio)
June 3 - Hotel Wien, Bernburg DE (w/ Nick Ferrio)
June 4 - Apex, Göttingen DE (w/ Nick Ferrio)
June 5 - BarCelona, Wuppertal DE (w/ Nick Ferrio)
June 6 - BarCelona, Oldenburg DE (w/ Nick Ferrio)
June 7 - Astra Stube, Hamburg DE (w/ Nick Ferrio)
June 8 - Des Geigers Rätsel, Leipzig, DE (w/ Nick Ferrio)
June 28/29/30 - Fusion Festival, Lärz DE
July 12: Mitt Andra Hem, Göteborg SE (w/ Nick Ferrio)
July 13: Oslo, TBA
July 19: Brønnøysund Rootsfestivalen, Brønnøysund, NO
July 20 & 21: Bukta Festival, Tromsø, NO
July 23: 45 Special, Oulu FI (w/ Nick Ferrio)
July 27: Kuudes Aisti Festivaali @ Siltanen, Helsinki, FI  

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