Vancouver folkster Jeremy Allingham, and frontman of the rootsy Factories &     
, just released his debut solo album “THAT ONE SONG”.

       THAT ONE SONG Track Listing:
          1. In Your Eyes 03:41
          2. The Zamboni Man 03:35
          3. On The Radio 06:11
          4. My Old Man 06:02
          5. Through the Darkness 04:38
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       Interested in licensing tracks for TV / Film Contact: Phil Klygo @ (weewerk) 
What Folks Are Saying About “THAT ONE SONG”:
“The songs mix Springsteen-esque rock with stripped-down folk balladry, while the lyrics address topics like having a child, listening to the CBC while growing up in a small town and the lost dreams of a former junior hockey hotshot.” - Exclaim! Magazine
“This folk-rockin’ EP brings us five new tunes from Allingham, a Vancouver singer-songwriter with a knack for lightly Celtic-flavoured sing-alongs. The singer comes up with catchy melodies, but his strength is in the intimate stuff, like “My Old Man”, which helps explain That One Song as the kind of bedside closeness that keeps a family together.” – Georgia Straight
“Quintessential Canadian classic folk: songs about hockey, listening to the CBC, and small town life. The music is a mix of modern folk elements (Justin Rutledge, Royal Wood), but with strong roots in Springsteen inspiration. If you’re looking for a good old-fashioned folk record that pulls out all the regular stops, look no further!" -
       Song Synopsis:

        “In Your Eyes” is about the stress and anxiety that came with the decision to bring
         a baby into the world (we did and it was a great choice!).
       “The Zamboni Man” is about a former junior hockey great from a small Canadian       
        town who missed an open net in the championship game. Now, he gets drunk every  
        day and remembers missing that open net as he cleans the ice surface. “…I was king
        of this old, forgotten town / I skated faster and was tougher pound-for-pound / on
        that night their hearts were broken, frozen moment in time / I can’t forget…”
       “On The Radio” is about a young kid who lives in a tiny village along the #3 Crow's
        Nest highway in B.C. and listens to the CBC for company because he's lonely and
        dreams of being a news reader.  “…and who needs real friends with you’ve got Stuart 
        McLean / In my dreams I’m far away from here and when / I read the news to them,
        the lonely get a friend…”
       “My Old Man” is about watching my dad grow older and realizing that I am slowly


        becoming more and more like him.

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