New Release Nov 11th - OX "Burnout" - Early Press & Canadian Tour Dates


OX - Autumn Canadian Dates:
Nov 3 Tue MONTREAL @ Divan Orange, (w/ The Jimmyriggers), 10pm
Nov 4 Wed KINGSTON @ The Mansion/Living Room
Nov 5 Thu WINDSOR @ Phog Lounge (w/ Barzin)
Nov 6 Fri GUELPH @ The Attic (w/ Barzin), 8:30pm-11pm
Nov 7 Sat SAULT STE MARIE @ Lop Lops
Nov 11 Wed TORONTO @ The Cameron House, (w/ Andrew Vincent)

Early Media Love:
TORONTO STAR: Anti-Hit List Feature
#2 OX - "Burnout"
It would be tempting to describe this third-album preview as consummate Americana, except that songwriter Mark Browning and band are based in Sudbury, a technicality that doesn't so much preclude them from that category as make you think twice about what it really is. Judging by this seductively world-weary homage to life on the road, it is communal music that illuminates an idea without glorifying it.

FFWD WEEKLY: Ox - Burnout - Hauntario
On a long enough timeline, every emo kid eventually picks up an acoustic guitar. Now that CBC Radio 2 has pushed its banjo-per-hour quotient to almost laughable levels, it means that, demographics be damned, roots rock is on the rise. Luckily, among the wash of tepid twang merchants, a pair of Canadian acts stands out, albeit with varying success.
Ox, while not nearly as prolific, continues to offer up surprises. Despite healthy doses of psych and reverb, Burnout veers into the realm of slowcore with whisper-soft drums and feedback-inspired strings before cranking its way back to straight-up mid-tempo bang and twang. This album sees the band’s ever-evolving lineup at a studio-cramming high, but the album lives and dies on Mark Browning’s crooked croon and inspired pop culture references. Burnout may only offer six new songs (with a lovely redux of “Miss Idaho”), but with material this good, you don’t need any more.
Published October 15, 2009 by Jason Lewis in CD Reviews

Burnout constitutes the last tunes recorded by this band before leaving their Vancouver stomping grounds and heading out for the bright lights of Sudbury, Ontario. It is a lastingly entertaining
outing, mainly due to the originality the members of Ox manage to squeeze out of the somewhat battered and by now formulaic alt-country musical catechism. Their laconic and occasionally darkly
humourous lyrical take on the often too-serious (but brilliant) musical territory staked out by The Jayhawks (the most obvious infl uence lurking here) puts them a cut above the rest of the pack, and the soulfully idiosyncratic vocal harmonies and smouldering guitar work that breaks through at differing points on the album is a pleasure to listen to and guarantees its longevity in your record collection. – Rod Nicholson Performance: B+/Production: B+

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