THE BURNING HELL "FLUX CAPACITOR" Early Press Coverage & Album Release Shows!


East Coasters should make it mandatory to attend one or more of these album release shows!

Apr 29 - ST. JOHN'S - The Ship (w/ Mark Bragg & The Kindness Killers)
May 04 - CHARLOTTETOWN - Alibi (w/ Baby Eagle)
May 05 - FREDERICTON - Capitol (w/ Baby Eagle)
May 06 - ST. JOHN - Pepper's (w/ DJ Bones)
May 07 - HALIFAX - Gus' (w/ Baby Eagle)

Early Media Coverage:“my-name-is-mathias”-by-the-burning-hell

“My Name is Mathias” by The Burning Hell  / Apr 27, 2011 Damian Lethbridge
   Aside from being part of the busy team that planned, organized and executed the Lawnya Vawnya festival that St. John’s just enjoyed, Mathias Kom has also been busy writing and recording a new album with his phenomenal band The Burning Hell. 
   We received a copy of Flux Capacitor last week at Scope headquarters and I have been listening to it non-stop ever since. I genuinely could not pick a favourite track to feature today as every song on the album is uniquely beautiful, so I just went with the first song “My Name is Mathias” which is a mini autobiography about how Mathias Kom came to be. 
   Inspired by a high school creative writing teacher who advised him to “write about what you know,” Mathias’ lyrics are charmingly clever and blatantly autobiographical. There are songs about the glory days of 80′s entertainment (“Nostalgia”), Marty McFly’s plight in Back to the Future (“Like An Anvil”), pirates (“Pirates”), fairytales (“Bedtime Stories”), letting go (“Let Things Slip Away”) and separation anxiety caused by working night shifts (“One Works Days and One Works Nights”). “Kings of the Animal Kingdom” is a heart-wrenching tale of pet euthanasia and becoming a vegetarian that I honestly can’t get through with welling up. 
   Supporting Flux Capacitors’ solid song-smithing is some outstanding musicianship from the all-star line-up of Alison Corbett (violin), Natasha Hartery (baritone sax), John Duff (trombone), Darren “Boobie” Browne (guitar), Ariel Sharratt (clarinet) and Jake Nicoll (percussion). Flux Capacitor is one of the greatest albums I’ve heard in quite a while and if you get the chance to pick it up, you will not be sorry. 
   The Burning Hell are also about to embark on an extensive Canadian/European summer tour which kicks off Friday, April 29th at The Ship with Mark Bragg and Kindness Killers and carries on into late July. You can also catch Mathias Kom solo tonight (Wed, April 27th) at The Rose and Thistle with Kite Hill, The Drows and Kindness Killers.

The Burning Hell — Flux Capacitor
By Scott Bryson (CHARTattack) April 15, 2011 Music Review
Album: Flux Capacitor
Label: Weewerk
Rating: 3.5 / 5

   The lost eleventh commandment: Thou shalt never tire of Back To The Future references.
   The flux capacitor, of course, was the core component of the DeLorean DMC-12 time machine of the Back To The Future franchise. We never found out quite what it did, but Doc swore the car couldn't travel through time without it.
   In a depressing statement on The Burning Hell's blog, the band's frontman, Mathias Kom — who is aging faster than he'd like to — voices a desire to turn back the clock on his life. Lacking the technical knowhow required to construct a flux capacitor, this album was his best option. It's the first autobiographical record in The Burning Hell's rapidly-expanding catalogue, and a chance for Kom to revisit (and perhaps revise) his own history.
   Despite the lingering misgivings, Flux Capacitor takes the cake as The Burning Hell's most joyous album. Kom was obviously hellbent on recalling only happy memories for his subject matter — a choice he vocalizes in "Nostalgia," when he admits he's only willing to remember "the music and the heavy petting."
   This is also The Burning Hell's most instrumentally atypical disc. Kom's famed ukulele is relegated to occasional appearances in the skewed, ramshackle pop, while acoustic guitar, horns and violins step to the forefront. The metamorphosis is likely attributable to Kom's relocation to Newfoundland, where he assembled an entirely new backing band.
   Fans of The Burning Hell's macabre wit need not worry; Flux Capacitor isn't all sunshine and lollipops. Amidst nods to The Beach Boys, Star Wars and Kiefer Sutherland, Kom manages to slip in a song about euthanizing a dog.;;


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