teenage USA Recordings is a Canadian independent record label founded in the Fall of 1997 by music lovers Mark DiPietro and Phil Klygo. Both gentleman agreed on trying to make a difference in the Canadian music industry as well as support the local Toronto community indie music scene by starting a record label. Since it’s inception, teenage USA Recordings has released records by a number of unique and eclectic artists such as: Eric’s Trip, The Weekend,  Peaches, Mean Red Spiders, Stink Mitt, Elevator, The Exploders, Lonnie James, Neck, The Zoobombs, Pecola, Cecil Seaskull, Two-Minute Miracles, Gaffer, Robin Black and more.

You can view the complete label discography here: http://teenageusarecordings.com/catalogue.html

Best place to purchase teenage USA lps and cds https://www.discogs.com/label/18606-Teenage-USA-Recordings

teenage USA playlist on Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/weewerk/sets/teenage-usa-playlist

Skull Geek started as a music fanzine in 1992 which became a record label by 1995 with their first album release, Pecola‘s Planet of Ugly 7″ with comix by Tony “Ratboy” Walsh. Skull Geek released albums the next two years with artists Smallmouth, Slowgun, Secret Agent and Pecola before morphing into teenage USA recordings in the fall of 1997.

Best place to purchase Skull Geek lps and cds https://www.discogs.com/label/479002-Skull-Geek