Art Bergmann – Late Stage Empire Dementia

“Late State Empire Dementia” is Art Bergmann‘s ninth studio full length album released under his own name and is the follow up to his well-received Polaris Music Prize Long Listed record “The Apostate” which came out in 2016 on (weewerk). An album of anthemic response to the psychopathic forces that conspire against us to swallow the earth and all of its creatures, whole, “Late State Empire Dementia” features eight new songs that are devastatingly honest and sonically propelling, performed by a singer songwriter who still has a lot left to say. The album is planned on being released digitally later

Art Bergmann, “The Apostate” Album Cover (medium)

Art Bergmann – The Apostate

“The Apostate” is Art Bergmann’s first full length of new material since the Juno winning “What Fresh Hell Is This” and is the follow up to his well-received 2014 ep release “Songs For The Underclass”. Mesmerizing and masterful, “The Apostate” displays a rejuvenated singer songwriter who at the top of his lyrical game, has pushed his sound significantly, creating some of his most dynamic songs ever recorded. More country and eastern folk flavored then previous albums, Art is forging new ground and claiming his forthright place amongst his contemporaries, while continuing to re-establish his brilliant and eclectic past body of work.

Art Bergmann, “Remember Her Name” Album Cover (medium)

Art Bergmann – Remember Her Name

Art Bergmann is an eponymous album by Art Bergmann, originally released in 1991 on CD and cassette by Polygram. Produced by Chris Wardman it was recorded and mixed at Manta Sound in Toronto. The album included the charting singles “Faithlessly Yours”, “If She Could Sing”, and “Message from Paul”. The 2017 re-release is entitled Remember Her Name which is the lead song from the album, a tribute to Marianne Faithful. Art initially wanted to call the song “Marianne Faithful” but his label at the time were concerned about the legalities and made him change the name of the song, which became “Remember Her Name”.  The new

Art Bergmann, “Songs For The Underclass” Album Cover (medium)

Art Bergmann – Songs For The Underclass

PRESS RELEASE – July 8th, 2014 After self-imposed exile, Art Bergmann, the anti-hero-iconoclast of Canadian music for over 40 years, comes out of the wilderness thrusting a four song ep at the world tentatively titled SONGS FOR THE UNDERCLASS. To be released this fall on the label (weewerk), the new ep was recorded this April at Arch Audio in Calgary with producer Lorrie Matheson and a crew of talented players. If you think being on a dilapidated farm on the prairies of Alberta has mellowed him, you would be wrong, SFTU shows Art at his song writing best. His first new music since the Juno winning album, “What Fresh Hell is This”,

The Barmitzvah Brothers, “Let’s Express Our Motives: An Album Of Under-Appreciated Job Songs” Album Cover (medium)

The Barmitzvah Brothers – Let’s Express Our Motives: An Album Of Under-Appreciated Job Songs

Selected Press for The Barmitzvah Brothers “…one of Ontario’s most enchanting bands… Using a truck-load of junk-shop castoffs, vintage keyboards and fiddles and drums, [they] achieve an improbably full handmade sound…” – Carl Wilson, The Globe and Mail  “The Barmitzvah Brothers are an odd proposition and possessed of a warped, thoroughly deadpan sense of humour, but a novelty act they are not. There’s simply too much raw talent and fearless, convention-defying artistry at work in their music – a lilting, ramshackle mash-up of arcane nerd-pop, scratchy folk and country stylings, psychedelic whimsy, carnivalesque atmosphere and, yes, occasionally klezmer…” – Ben

The Barmitzvah Brothers, “Mr. Bones’ Walk-in Closet” Album Cover (medium)

The Barmitzvah Brothers – Mr. Bones’ Walk-in Closet

Selected Press for The Barmitzvah Brothers “…Mitchell’s voice – less musical, more out-of-tune conversation – is charming and cheeky. Together, they are idiosyncratic musicians and crafty storytellers. ‘The Commute’ mocks Guelph musicians turned big city defectors and ‘Show Promoter Dan’ is a bald-faced, less-than-sympathetic dirge about one notorious Toronto promoter character. This second record is catchy, clever and well worth a listen. Or six.” – Lauren Ferranti, Chart, February 2004, p. 40  “…Although far from being polished producers, they score full points for originality, attitude and effort without pretension. The subject matter ranges from the minutiae of daily life to

The Burning Hell, “Baby” Album Cover (medium)

The Burning Hell – Baby

After having a very ‘Happy Birthday’ in 2008, THE BURNING HELL are the proud new parents of ‘BABY’, a joyful collection of songs about children and death. Fronted by ukulele-slinger and songwriter Mathias Kom, the band has spent the last year touring non-stop across Canada and Europe. They also managed to squeeze in a few quick and dirty recording sessions in the process, and ‘BABY’ is the result. Recorded almost entirely live, ‘Baby’ displays the band at their most hyperactive, frantic and fun. Fans of older Burning Hell recordings have no need to fear, as Kom’s lyrics still take center

The Burning Hell, "Flux Capacitor" Album Cover (medium)

The Burning Hell – Flux Capacitor

THE BURNING HELL has been spending a lot of time thinking about death and time travel, and writing songs about both.  Inspired by a high school creative writing teacher telling the class ‘write what you know’, with FLUX CAPACITOR The Burning Hell’s singer, songwriter and ukulele-slinger MATHIAS KOM presents a collection of danceable songs about aging, the late 1980s, big bushy beards and pet euthanasia.  And pirates! Digital Downloads Amazon Music Apple Music Google Play Music Zunior Discogs Store CD Album

The Burning Hell, “Happy Birthday” Album Cover (medium)

The Burning Hell – Happy Birthday

What Is Being Said About The Burning Hell The Whitehorse STAR – March 14, 2008 – “The Burning Hell may just be the hottest thing to hit the Yukon so far this year. Taking its name from a religious tract, it is an indie folk rock band from Peterborough, Ont.” – Andrew Hoshkiw (full article)  ECHO Weekly COVER STORY – January 10 – 16, 2008 – “Much like the albums that Johnny Cash made toward the end of his life, Happy Birthday is the aural equivalent to the denouement that follows a calamitous party; the dust has settled, moods have tempered and

The Burning Hell, “People” Album Cover (medium)

The Burning Hell – People

The Burning Hell‘s sixth album, PEOPLE, was recorded in Berlin in 2012 while most good citizens were watching the Euro Cup. As the title suggests, this record is about different kinds of people: Amateur Rappers, Holidaymakers, Realists and Barbarians all make an appearance, among others, in uptempo, wordy story-songs that dig into the details of the folks they represent. PEOPLE will be co-released on April 16 by (weewerk) and Headless Owl Records, on CD and limited-edition LP. In Europe the album will be simultaneously released by BB Island. The Burning Hell is the alter-ego of songwriter and ukulele-slinger Mathias Kom. Loosely based

The Burning Hell, “This Charmed Life” Album Cover (medium)

The Burning Hell – This Charmed Life

Early Reviews for ‘This Charmed Life’Sound Advice – The Torontoist, Tues Mar. 9Hero Hill – Tues, Mar. 9 ‘This Charmed Life’ is a new collection of songs from a small and intimate version of Peterborough’s The Burning Hell. Featuring sparse arrangements of only ukulele, cello and electronics, The Burning Hell’s Mathias Kom sings about winter, earthquakes and finding the bodies of old friends in the woods. Released by (weewerk), ‘This Charmed Life’ is available only digitally through and on limited-edition vinyl at Burning Hell live shows throughout Canada and Europe in 2010. I hope you like this record. I don’t know what to

The Burning Hell, “Tick Tock” Album Cover (medium)

The Burning Hell – Tick Tock

What Is Being Said About The Burning Hell Montreal Mirror, Mar 07 – “It was with pleasure that I discovered the Burning Hell. The mostly-ukulele music and laugh-inducing lyrics of Mathias Kom stay on the good side of silly, while still maintaining that increasingly scarce sincerity.”  BeatRoute Magazine Nov 07 – “The Burning Hell is an intriguing combination of musical prowess and lyrical perversive-ness put together with a keen eye for the details. Kom manages a seemingly impossible combination of cynicism and hope recorded over the rock version of folk music instrumentation.”  The Arthur, Best Albums of 06 – “Tick

Canteen Knockout, “Broken Down Town” Album Cover (medium)

Canteen Knockout – Broken Down Town

After a great run with their debut full-length album Navajo Steel (2008), Canteen Knockout returns with their best effort yet. Their new album, “Broken Down Town” is rich with melodic textures and impeccable production that run heavy with emotional songs. The band takes a live off the floor approach in the studio, consciously avoiding overproduction. With this grass roots approach you really feel like you are in the room with the band. Along with standout tracks “Whiskey Drains the Pain”, “Louisiana” and “Bent Out Of Shape”, Canteen Knockout put together a gorgeous and equally creepy version of Gordon Lightfoot’s, “The Wreck

Canteen Knockout, “Navajo Steel” Album Cover (medium)

Canteen Knockout – Navajo Steel

Selected Press Quotes For Canteen Knockout ROOTSTIME.DE (Belgium) CD REVIEW – The superb album “Navajo Steel” from Canteen Knockout is simply an obligatory purchase! 13 very well written alt-country songs, including “Back to the Country” which is an 18 carats diamond, “Georgia” that is celestially beautiful, while “Balls Out Trucking”, “Dad Song” and “Time On My Hands” seem to have been exactly tailored for the Roots Rocker. Alex Maxymiw (ex-Luther Wright & the Wrongs) brings his pedal steel chops to a masters level on the songs “Home”, “Mexico”, “Navajo Steel” and “Overnight Girl”, I get chills when listening to these

Chairmen Of The Boards, "Surfin' The Apocalypse" Album Cover (large)

Chairmen Of The Boards – Surfin’ The Apocalypse

Thermal wet suit?  Right.  Maybe next year.  With winter closing in, surf rock trio Chairmen Of The Boards are here to keep the warm summer time vibes alive on your jukebox.     We are excited to open up pre-ordering on Friday November 6th for our upcoming full length debut release “Surfin’ The Apocalypse” on (weewerk).   You have the choice of limited run vinyl LP, CD or digital download. If CD’s are your thing, we have good news, they are already available to ship!  So you won’t have to wait and can have it in your hands before the official

Don Brownrigg, “Wander Songs” Album Cover (medium)

Don Brownrigg – Wander Songs

Selected Press Quotes For Don Brownrigg 2008 EAST COAST MUSIC AWARD NOMINATIONS – Folk Recording of the Year; CBC Galaxie Rising Star Recording of the Year.  THE COAST: Top 50 CDs of 2007 – Dec 2007 – Don Brownrigg “Wander Songs” – Equally as comforting as a cup of tea, Wander Song’s coats listless souls with love and warmth. Don Brownrigg’s soft vocals spill tales of love, longing and insightful introspection. Guest appearances by Jenn Grant, Rose Cousins and his poetic platonic lover Tanya Davis on “Time Moves On” merely accent his timelessness.  The Telegram – “It takes the listener

Elliott BROOD, “Tin Type” Album Cover (medium)

Elliott BROOD – Tin Type

Note that the CD is no longer packaged in the hand-made version mentioned in some reviews. Selected Press for Tin Type “impassioned, shining, melodious music… bringing to mind Conor Oberst, Palace and acoustic Uncle Tupelo… an essential purchase” – MP, Americana UK, January 2004. “[Elliott Brood’s] debut CD-EP contains 6 smart, modern alt. folk songs – performed on acoustic guitars and banjo – that are infused with a timeless feel. As intriguing as the songs themselves is the packaging: contained within the small brown bag in which it arrives is a four-leaf, thick board, hand-bound book which resembles a turn-of-the-century

FemBots, “Calling Out” Album Cover (medium)

FemBots – Calling Out

“Forget sad luck serenades, FemBots are all about having a good time. Their fourth release, Calling Out, is their most solid album to date. Good Days opens on a sexual note with thick bass notes, gang vocals and sauntering percussion. Can I Be Your Mirror ups the ante – it’s no longer a barfly flirtation, FemBots want to take you home. Get In the Van permeates life on the road. the piano-driven God Keep Our Hands Clean fights an internal devil. A parade of sound soars in J.L. Recalls His Amazon Adventures From A Comfortable Chair In the Window of No. 5 The Kingsway. The stunning string and horn arrangements

Great Lake Swimmers, “Bodies And Minds” Album Cover (medium)

Great Lake Swimmers – Bodies And Minds

Selected Press for Bodies and Minds “Tony Dekker takes acoustics very seriously. His haunting, somber ballads emit an otherworldly quality, due in no small part to the natural environment in which they’re captured … Natural reverb and folkie arrangements complement Dekker’s soft voice perfectly” – Rob Bolton, Exclaim! BODIES AND MINDS Rating: NNNN – “If there were justice in this world, Tony Dekker’s hauntingly clear tenor would be worshipped by legions of acolytes who’d put the combined fan bases of Thom Yorke and Damien Rice to shame. Everything the Great Lake Swimmers mainman sings sounds like the sweet mantra of

Great Lake Swimmers, “Great Lake Swimmers” Album Cover (medium)

Great Lake Swimmers – Great Lake Swimmers

Selected Press for Great Lake Swimmers’ Self-Titled “Dekker squares the circle between Nick Drake, early Neil Young and Will Oldham” **** Uncut “Beautiful bittersweet, drifting, late summer melancholia” **** Mojo “Stark, yet appealing. This is a truly special record” ***** Classic Rock “Great Lake Swimmers make wonderfully understated, heart-wrenching music. Led by songwriter-vocalist Tony Dekker, their haunting sound finds its roots in vintage folk and alt-country colourings, shaped by accordion and piano, lap steel and acoustic guitar, with a voice that seems to come from the walls. This self-titled debut album, engineered by Victor Szabo, was recorded over several months

Great Lake Swimmers, “Ongiara” Album Cover (medium)

Great Lake Swimmers – Ongiara

“A wonderful atmosphere – minimalist well done” – New York Times “Ambient Zen Americana” – Mojo Magazine “Spiritual folk of the most affecting variety” – Stylus “Tony Dekker takes acoustics very seriously. His haunting, somber ballads emit an otherworldly quality, due in no small part to the natural environment in which they’re captured ƒ Natural reverb and folkie arrangements complement Dekker’s soft voice perfectly” – Rob Bolton, Exclaim! “Just when it seems like it can’t possible get more beautiful, the next song sets the bar even higher and it becomes an overload of pure awesome. Ongiara is slow and spare,

Great Lake Swimmers / Audiotransparent, "Great Lake Swimmers / Audiotransparent Double 7"" Album Cover (medium)

Great Lake Swimmers / Audiotransparent Double 7″

(weewerk) presents a unique and limited double 7″ split release by Great Lake Swimmers, along with their Holland buddies, audiotransparent. It contains two slices of 7″ vinyl in a beautiful handmade triple-gatefold sleeve. Made with lots of tender love and care, this special release makes the perfect gift item for a loved one or for yourself. To bare witness to the assembly process watch this. Second 7″ Features : Side A: audiotransparent – You Are A Movie Side B: Great Lake Swimmers – Send Me A Letter (recorded for the Friends Of Bellwoods Part II benefit compilation for Toronto’s Daily Bread Food Bank.) Second 7″

Harmonica, “Miaow, Miaow… BARK!” Album Cover (medium)

Harmonica – Miaow, Miaow… BARK!

What Is Being Said About Harmonica Soundproof Magazine: “Undoubtedly the best looking band on the CMW circuit, Norwegian pop-quintet Harmonica serve up a heavy dose of serious sexiness alongside their smoldering, high-energy power-pop performance. Ferociously powerful, yet incredibly cute, only a band fronted by three blonde rocker chicks could pull off Harmonica’s skilful balancing act of raw punk and sugar pop.” “Harmonica might just be the friendliest and most fun indie band on the planet. They’re a burst of musical sunshine who charmed the audience with their coy banter, jokes, thank yous and flirting. The room was in a frenzy by

Jenny Omnichord, “Cities Of Gifts & Ghosts” Album Cover (medium)

Jenny Omnichord – Cities Of Gifts & Ghosts

What Is Being Said About Jenny Omnichord Jenny Omnichord – Cities of Gifts and Ghosts / Exclaim Magazine / By Vish Khanna  Endearingly odd folk pop musician Jenny Mitchell steps out from the Barmitzvah Brothers for an interesting record with an impressive guest list. Mitchell has long loved the omnichord – an electronic instrument most often used for subtle atmospherics by artists like Daniel Lanois, U2 and Arcade Fire. On rare novelty EP Jenny Omnicovers “These Eyes,” Mitchell’s first stab at omnichord-based songs was rough and, well, pretty silly. For Cities of Gifts and Ghosts, Mitchell’s work is much more

Jerome Forde “Jerome Forde”

Jerome Forde is Jerome Forde, in the purest of sense and in actual reality. On the Americana / Folk Roots Pop Rock Spectrum, Jerome Forde has all on his lonesome delivered a stellar new debut that you need to hear. As God/Satan is my “Breaking Bad” witness of the ten commandments, the songs on his first album not only inspire personal salvation but also instill total existential devastation of enlightenment. It’s a classic Mexican stand off, if you will, with only learned listeners being the victors.  Lead single “Marigold” immediately slays and sets the magical aural stage for a magical

Jerome Forde, "Wintertide Blues" Album Cover (medium)

Jerome Forde “Wintertide Blues”

Jerome Forde’s follow-up to his acclaimed self-titled debut, WINTERTIDE BLUES is another tour de force of pure songwriting. From the plush, Beach Boys-style harmonies of its opener to the bold and dynamic instrumentation of its subsequent tracks, Forde’s impressive second album is a must-hear collection of gritty love songs–as bitter as they are sweet. There is a quiet desperation to them, like that of a man who has lost love (and maybe even his mind), but a desperation infused with an always greaterhope in love’s return.      Preview lead single ALL ALONG, as well as MISTAKEN FOR THE DEAD and RETURN

Jo Soap, "Live At The Rivoli" Album Cover (large)

Jo Soap – Live At The Rivoli

Track List1. Bald Headed Woman** – 2:192. Understated – 2:453. I Am The Fly* – 2:214. Bandy – 1:145. Olaly – 2:186. Given Up – 1:377. Somebody’s Baby – 2:478. Billy Boy** – 2:22 * Wire Cover** Traditional JO SOAP is:Tracey Thompson – Vocals/TrumpetBen Phelan – DrumsJohn Ross – BassCurtis Austin – GuitarAndy Pasco – Keys

Jon-Rae Fletcher, “OH, MARIA” Album Cover (medium)

Jon-Rae Fletcher – Oh, Maria

An odyssey is punctuated by definitive moments of the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. The hero succeeds through either extreme to emerge on the other side, wiser and stronger, continuing on until the next elation or depression is encountered. It is at one of these moments that Jon-Rae Fletcher has come to release his latest full-length album “OH, MARIA”. “OH, MARIA” follows the story of a soul torn apart by betrayal and longing, a man coming to terms with his role in the playing out of causal circumstance and his eventual redemption in the acceptance of time and change. “OH,

Ox, “American Lo Fi” Album Cover (medium)

Ox – American Lo Fi

“#1. ‘Surrender’ & ‘Miss Idaho’- Unable to choose between these two songs from the Vancouver band’s follow-up to the stunning Dust Bowl Revival, We finally gave up and picked both of them. The former is an unlikely loping country re-make of Cheap Tricks’s signature tune; the latter is a melancholy, Neil Young-ish original thats reminiscent of the sound that Jay Farrar has refined both on his own and with Son Volt, Wilco, and Uncle Tupelo. ‘Miss Idaho’ certainly holds its own with anything those two gentlemen have done in years.” – John Sakamoto, “Anti Hit List”, Toronto Star  “Touchingly organic…

Ox, “Burnout” Album Cover (medium)

Ox – Burnout

Painting their dust bowl soundscapes with a much more textured brush than ever before, OX jumps down the rabbit hole with their stellar new album, entitled “BURNOUT”. Picking up where their acclaimed second full-length, “American Lo Fi’ (2006) left off OX combines elements of psychedelic rock with their alt-country & americana tendencies to create an especially warm sound on this seven song treasure. In 2007, the Vancouver based band relocated to their roots in Sudbury to found Cosmic Daves Sound Emporium, a fully analog recording studio that has set the foundation for years of future indulgencies on tape. “Burnout” represents

Picastro, "Exit" Album Cover (medium)

Picastro – Exit

Picastro, an active force in Toronto’s music scene for over 10 years, released their seventh and newest record “Exit” this past June. Led by vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Liz Hysen, this latest offering features the talents of her band, cellist Nick Storring, synthesis Matthew Ramalo (Khora), and drummer Germaine Liu.  On the albums’ eight songs, Hysen systematically removes herself from her own stories while playing around with the roles and expectation of the creator as the central voice of their artistic output. While the music still sits in continuity with the bands previous work, Hysen relinquishes her role as singer and storyteller, even adopting male pronouns

Proof Of Ghosts, “Proof Of Ghosts” Album Cover (medium)

Proof Of Ghosts – Proof Of Ghosts

Selected Press Quotes For Proof of Ghosts “This music is an aural awakening, an introspective journey of folk powered nuggets that’s both part sustained euphoria, part innocent candida. My faith is restored, POGs’ palate of swirly, folk-tinged rock, piercing vocals, soaring arrangements and lush sound make it the soundtrack to a sonic mystical adventure.” – Lonely Vagabond – – Dec 2007  Proof Of Ghosts Join Weewerk / Chartattack – Wednesday November 14, 2007 / By: Aaron Brophy  Proof Of Ghosts have recently signed with Toronto’s Weewerk Records. The Toronto act join an acclaimed roster that includes Two-Minute Miracles and The Barmitzvah Brothers. 

T. Dekker / Great Lake Swimmers, "Song Sung Blue EP" Album Cover (medium)

T. Dekker / Great Lake Swimmers – Song Sung Blue EP: The Original Score To The Documentary Film By Greg Kohs

A Documentary Film by Greg Kohs  Original Score by T.Dekker/Great Lake Swimmers  Everyone has their favorite NEIL DIAMOND song and so does TONY DEKKER of the GREAT LAKE SWIMMERS. Dekker wrote an original music score for the powerful and moving documentary, SONG SUNG BLUE. Over 8 years in the making, Song Sung Blue tells the alternately inspiring and tragic love story of LIGHTNING & THUNDER, a homegrown MILWAUKEE husband & wife singing duo that pay tribute to the music of NEIL DIAMOND.  Known for his dreamy and heartfelt vocals, DEKKER wrote and performed over 30 minutes of music for the

The Slowinks, "Stay With Me Awhile" Album Cover (medium)

The Slowinks – Stay With Me A While

Stay With Me Awhile Code ISRC : CA-7HV-21-10001Durée : 3:12Genre : Country, Folk, AcoustiqueAutrice : F. HamerCompositeur : M. TremblayArrangeurs : the SlowinksRéalisation : Fred FortinMixage sonore : Fred FortinMastering : Richard AddisonProduction : the SlowinksVisuel : Sara-Jeanne BourgetLabel : (weewerk) recordsMontréal, Québec, Canada I felt you near tonight, as I stepped out for a walkIn the right light, I can turn back the clock These streets are filled with ghosts, hard to crack a smileI miss you the most, stay with me awhile Trees, like memories, bend and sway, they echo with your nameYou’ve gone away and yet you

The Travelling Band, “The Redemption Of Mr. Tom” Album Cover (medium)

The Travelling Band – The Redemption Of Mr. Tom

Past Press Quotes: Manchester Evening News: “… a real pearl!” “jingly, jangly, catchy and with enough spiced weirdness to keep the Drag City crowd happy. The pick for me is the opening track ‘Only Waiting’ which sounds like it could have been made 40 years ago, which is probably exactly what the band were going for. Lovely.”  Metro UK: “Bursting at the seams with wistful, harmony-laden tunes”  Carol Hodge BBC Manchester: “This is toe-tapping light revelry, all 60s middle Americana. Their finest moments drip richly with a three-way vocal velvet”  Review from Glastonbury competition by  “The Travelling Band

The Two-Minute Miracles, “Volume 3.5: Rats” Album Cover (medium)

The Two-Minute Miracles – Volume 3.5: Rats

Selected Press Quotes For The Two-Minute Miracles “The Two Minute Miracles are a bit of a wonder, in that they actually live up to their name. Each song on their sophomore album, Volume II is short enough to speak the truth. The record is a throwback to the perfect pop gem, blending in some bluegrass and Americana with a catchy indie rock sound to broaden the appeal. The songs share the same ragged spirit as acts like Sparklehorse and mates Royal City, aiming for a lonesome, “home is where the heart is” message. The tunes sway back and forth like

The Two-Minute Miracles, "Volume IV: The Lions Of Love" Album Cover (medium)

The Two-Minute Miracles – Volume IV: The Lions Of Love

Selected Press Quotes For Volume IV: The Lions of Love “Two-Minute Miracles return with a captivating collection of 16 spirited songs. Andy Magoffin has never been shy conveying anecdotal info in his music and, as something of a sponge, his quirky curiosity has yielded some terrific multi-layered lyrics. A master musician to boot, Magoffin’s Two-Minute Miracles can be the most daring rock band this side of Wilco, building ingenious songs up into sturdy, eye-catching structures… Endearing and puzzling, The Lions of Love is a welcome, pure dose of seedy rock’n’roll by the Two-Minute Miracles.” – Vish Khanna, Exclaim!  “Producer Andy

United Steel Workers Of Montreal, “Broken Trucks And Bottles” Album Cover (medium)

United Steel Workers Of Montreal – Broken Trucks And Bottles

Selected Press “Country crooners and outlaw rockers make for great company, and on the USWM’s debut full length you’ll find plenty of both. Similar to: The Silver Hearts, Son Volt, The Sadies” – Eye Weekly  “their spirited bluegrass and old-timey twang is hard to resist.” – Montreal Gazette  “United Steel Workers have developed their own alt-country subgenre they’ve dubbed “citygrass.” Their impressive debut, Broken Trucks And Bottles, seems to draw inspiration from the Pogues and Tom Waits, which puts them in the neighbourhood of Peterborough’s Silver Hearts, although their front-porch casual approach to picking and tunes like “Goddamn The CPR”

United Steel Workers Of Montreal, “Kerosene & Coal” Album Cover (medium)

United Steel Workers Of Montreal – Kerosene & Coal

Selected Press “Country crooners and outlaw rockers make for great company, and on the USWM’s debut full length you’ll find plenty of both. Similar to: The Silver Hearts, Son Volt, The Sadies” – Eye Weekly  “their spirited bluegrass and old-timey twang is hard to resist.” – Montreal Gazette  “United Steel Workers have developed their own alt-country subgenre they’ve dubbed “citygrass.” Their impressive debut, Broken Trucks And Bottles, seems to draw inspiration from the Pogues and Tom Waits, which puts them in the neighbourhood of Peterborough’s Silver Hearts, although their front-porch casual approach to picking and tunes like “Goddamn The CPR”

United Steel Workers Of Montreal, “Three On The Tree” Album Cover (medium)

United Steel Workers Of Montreal – Three On The Tree

Press for Three on the Tree Urban hillbillies, the United Steel Workers of Montreal are a bar band. Their latest release, Three on the Tree, would best be heard with a flask of whiskey and a group of sweaty strangers in some seedy watering hole. Three Hard Knocks sets the wild tone of the album. It’s fast finger-pluckin’ guitar, banjo and mandolin and Gern’s gruff vocals. For Love and Your Mother’s Sake is on the same train, though Felicity Hamer takes over on vocals. Shawn Beauchamp takes it down a notch on Son, Your Daddy Was Bad. United Steel Workers of Montreal divide their vocals throughout the

(weewerk), "(weewerk) Is 6!" Album Cover (medium)

(weewerk) Is 6!

A Special Compilation Release to Celebrate Our 6th Anniversary! This Album is in recognition and celebration of (weewerk)s’ 6th year of releasing folk, roots, alt-country & bluegrass music by some of the finest Canadian & International artists around.  (weewerk) is 6!: NOW Rating N N N N N – “Local indie label (weewerk) celebrates six years of existence with this 23-track compilation of unreleased demos, rarities and forthcoming songs by its alt-country-focused roster. Many of the highlights come from bands we already know and love, including three tracks by the Great Lake Swimmers, whose Song For The Angels matches furious feedback with