Great Lake Swimmers & Picastro
“Getting To The Heart Of It” with “Where Are You” + “Thursday”
Release Date: March 6, 2020

Tony Dekker (Great Lake Swimmers) and Liz Hysen (Picastro) are embarking on a solo acoustic tour as a double bill in Europe in April 2020, to promote their latest releases, The Waves, The Wake (Acoustic), and Exit, respectively. Dekker provides vocal support on Exit, and the two have also recently collaborated on a split 7” record; a double single featuring the new, unreleased tracks Getting To The Heart Of It and Where Are You + Thursday. The physical release by Harbour Songs takes the form of a 45 RPM vinyl record pressed to translucent purple vinyl, and will be available at the shows, while the digital version will be available across streaming platforms care of (weewerk) on March 6, 2020.

You can listen to the 3 new songs here:

Dekker recently participated in a songwriters event in Toronto for the celebrated podcast, Pondercast, using the guided “Night” journal project to come up with the lyrics for Getting To The Heart Of It: “It was an unusual way of working, but ultimately rewarding in that it involved listening deeply and intensely to the sounds of night, and responding to a series of enlightening audio prompts.” – Tony Dekker, Great Lake Swimmers

Getting To The Heart Of It” digital purchase and stream links:

Hysen on her tracks: “I had some people very close to me pass recently and the songs were a way for me to conjure them when I missed them.  Grief keeps hitting me in waves and I didn’t even plan the songs, they just sort of happened but in the end, were great coping mechanisms for me.  Hopefully they are for others too.” – Liz Hysen, Picastro

Where Are You” + “Thursday” digital purchase and streaming links:

The April 2020 tour sees them on stages across Europe including Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, Austria, Poland and Hungary (see full dates below).

Upcoming Tour Dates, Europe 2020 – POSTPONED TO THE FALL –
Tony Dekker (Great Lake Swimmers) and Liz Hysen (Picastro)
Solo Acoustic Double Bill
March 31 – Antwerpen B @ Trix
April 01 – Brighton UK @ The Brunswick
April 02 – Exeter UK @  Cavern Club
April 03 – London UK @ St Pancras Old Church
April 05 – Edinburgh UK @ Sneaky Pete’s
April 06 – Newcastle UK @ The Cluny
April 08 – Amsterdam NL @ Q Factory
April 09 – Utrecht NL @ dB’s
April 10 – Berlin D  @ Privat Club
April 12 – Jena D @ Trafo  (afternoon show)
April 13 – Munich D @ Heppel & Ettlich
April 15 – Graz A @ Guest Room
April 17 – Krakow PL @ Klub RE
April 19 – Budapest HR @ Akvárium Klub
April 20 – Prague CR @ Underdogs’ 
For more details and advance tickets please visit:

Great Lake Swimmers
“A minimalist, atmospheric compendium of songs with a sonic environment the listener can easily get lost in.” – The Vue

 “Ambient Zen Americana” Mojo

“…a series of turbulent ascensions and peaceful plateaus toward an ecstatic rekindling of the senses. Unlike most post-rock outfits, Picastro aren’t interested in working themselves up into volcanic crescendos; instead, they conjure those early moments of a windstorm, where the dead leaves and street debris start to coalesce into circular patterns, though everything could drift off at any moment.” Pitchfork (7.8)