A Special Compilation Release to Celebrate Our 6th Anniversary!

This Album is in recognition and celebration of (weewerk)s’ 6th year of releasing folk, roots, alt-country & bluegrass music by some of the finest Canadian & International artists around. 

(weewerk) is 6!: NOW Rating N N N N N – “Local indie label (weewerk) celebrates six years of existence with this 23-track compilation of unreleased demos, rarities and forthcoming songs by its alt-country-focused roster. Many of the highlights come from bands we already know and love, including three tracks by the Great Lake Swimmers, whose Song For The Angels matches furious feedback with the gentlest of acoustic strumming, as well as Jenny Omnichord and Two-Minute Miracles. Surprises come from overseas. Sweet City by Manchester’s The Travelling Band is a truly excellent folk-pop offering driven by harmony, while Friday Night by Oslo’s Harmonica is fabulously fun. [www.nowtoronto.com By Carla Gillis – NOW | October 22-29, 2008 | VOL 28 NO 8] 

Featuring In Order Of Appearance:

Great Lake Swimmers (Toronto ON) 
“Songs For The Angels” (Miracle Version) & “Hands In Dirty Ground” previously released on a limited vinyl 12″EP. 
“Gonna Make It Thru This Year” is a demo originally released digitally on a benefit compilation for Toys For Tots. 

Two-Minute Miracles (London ON) 
“The First Thing I Hear Upon Waking” is from their debut record on teenage USA, 
“Conjoined” is from their 4th album, “The Lions Of Love”, on (weewerk). 

The United Steel Workers of Montreal (Montreal PQ) 
“For Love And Your Mother’s Sake” is a unreleased demo from their forthcoming 3rd album on (weewerk). 
“Imaginary Bars (Roots Version)” is an unreleased demo of a Great Lake Swimmers song. 

Don Brownrigg (Codroy Valley NFLD) 
“These AM Times” is from his debut full length “Wander Songs” on (weewerk). 

The Burning Hell (Peterborough ON) 
“I Love The Things That People Make” is on their 2nd full length “Tick Tock” on (weewerk). 

Jenny Omnichord (Guelph ON) 
“Buildings” is on her debut full length “Cities of Gifts & Ghosts” on (weewerk). 

The Travelling Band (Manchester United Kingdom) 
“Sweet City” is an unreleased demo from their forthcoming debut full length album. 

Proof Of Ghosts (Toronto ON) 
“Wandering Stars” is an unreleased song from their unreleased EP “Davy Jone’s Locker”. 

Fembots (Toronto ON) 
“In The Red” is an unreleased song recorded during their new album sessions. 

Audiotransparent (Groningen, Netherlands) 
“You Are A Movie” is an unreleased song from their forthcoming 3rd full length album. 

Julie Fader (Toronto ON) 
“723” is an unreleased song from her forthcoming debut full length album. 

H-Burns (Valence, France) 
“Horses With No Medals” is from his 2nd full length 
“How Strange it Is To Be Anything At All” on French label Boxson. 

Ox (Sudbury ON) 
“Burn Out” is an unreleased demo. 

Canteen Knockout (Toronto ON) 
“We Work” is from their first full length record “Navajo Steel” on (weewerk). 

The Unsettlers (Montreal PQ) 
“No No No Yes” is from their self released, self titled full length debut. 

The Barmitzvah Brothers (Guelph ON) 
“Trailblazer” is from their 5th full length “Let’s Express Our Motives” on (weewerk). 

Harmonica (Oslo, Norway) 
“Friday Night” is an unreleased demo. 

Susie Asado (Berlin, Germany) 
“This Is My Address” is from her debut album “Hello Antenna”, released on German label Lolila. 

Vincent (Montreal PQ) 
“The Wind” is from his unreleased debut album “Wasted”.

(weewerk), "(weewerk) is 6!" Album Cover (medium)

(Weewerk) Is 6!

(weewerk 025)2008