Art Bergmann is an eponymous album by Art Bergmann, originally released in 1991 on CD and cassette by Polygram. Produced by Chris Wardman it was recorded and mixed at Manta Sound in Toronto. The album included the charting singles “Faithlessly Yours”, “If She Could Sing”, and “Message from Paul”.

The 2017 re-release is entitled Remember Her Name which is the lead song from the album, a tribute to Marianne Faithful. Art initially wanted to call the song “Marianne Faithful” but his label at the time were concerned about the legalities and made him change the name of the song, which became “Remember Her Name”.  The new re-release was re-mastered by Noah Mintz at Lacquer Channel Mastering and includes the unreleased bonus track “Wide On/Hard Body” which was recorded during the original sessions. The re-release also contains new artwork composed of recent photos by longtime friend and photographer Sharon Steele, and photographer Lisa MacIntosh, who shot portraits of Art for her Great Hall series.

 “This re-release holds a great depth of meaning for me as it comes 25 years after I met and married Sherri at the same time as writing and recording the thing. She is definitely a muse to some of these tracks, “Ruin My Life”, “Faithlessly Yours” and to the whole endeavor, really. She is my conscience to this day. We got to go to south coast of Spain to shoot the films for three of the tracks with Roy A. Pike and the infamous Corky Laing and the joy of making them is evident in the performances. Also, Antonio our amazing facilitator in Spain, who found the best places for our 4 hour breaks out of the heat. My memory holds an unforgettable spot for that time of my life. Have to add to all this love the geo-politics of the time which have only worsened over time.  – Art Bergmann

2017 Re-release Credits:
Front Cover photo by Sharon Steele, Back Cover photo by Lisa MacIntosh, Packaging: Andre Skinner, Audio Remastered: Noah Mintz at Lacquer Channel.

Art Bergmann – Vocal, Lead & Rhythm Guitars,  Jason Sniderman – Piano, Hammond Organ & Synthesizers, Chris Wardman – Rhythm / E-Bow / Slide & Wobbly Guitar, Joel Anderson – Drums, Jamey Koch – Bass / Programming: Jason Sniderman & Chris Wardman, Backing Vocals: Laura Hubert, Paul MacAusland, Jamey Koch, Cassandra Vasik, Chris Wardman, Art Bergmann. Words & Music: Art Bergmann, except where noted.

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Art Bergmann, “Remember Her Name” Album Cover (medium)

Remember Her Name

(weewerk) 0472017

Remember Her Name
American Wife
Message From Paul
Faithlessly Yours
Crackin' Up
If She Could Sing
Baby Needs Oil
I Can't Change This World
Ruin My Life
God's Little Gift
Wide On/Hard Body