“Forget sad luck serenades, FemBots are all about having a good time. Their fourth release, Calling Out, is their most solid album to date. Good Days opens on a sexual note with thick bass notes, gang vocals and sauntering percussion. Can I Be Your Mirror ups the ante – it’s no longer a barfly flirtation, FemBots want to take you home. Get In the Van permeates life on the road. the piano-driven God Keep Our Hands Clean fights an internal devil. A parade of sound soars in J.L. Recalls His Amazon Adventures From A Comfortable Chair In the Window of No. 5 The Kingsway. The stunning string and horn arrangements could only be the work of Hylozoists’ Paul Aucoin. The End of The Day treads on more bluesy terrain, though its closing track, Ship Breaking, offers insight into what the morning after might be like – a touch sad, lonely and sparse” – Penguin Eggs, Shannon Webb-Campbell, Summer 2009

”Cover Story Headline: ROOTS-ROCK STALWARTS BREAK OUT OF T.O. WITH STELLAR LOVE SONG TO THE CITY. More than just a breakout, it stands to be not just one of the year’s best Canadian discs, but one of the best albums of 2005, period.” – Now – Sarah Liss, Dec 4/ 05

“Review: FemBots – Small Town Murder Scene – Rating: 8.0 – “Darlings of the wildly supportive Toronto music scene, the FemBots have garnered rave reviews from local journalists, musicians, and record store owners, and rightfully so. STMS is a humble, thoroughly charming record. The kind you want to tell people about…” – PitchFork – Matt LeMay, Apr 26/04

“Review: FemBots – The City – “Two can be a lonely number after all, so Dave MacKinnon and Brian Poirier called in a bunch of friends for this crackerjack album of songs about busted chances, recalled innocence and better hopes. The earthy prevailing ethos is sparked with a sense of the marvellous, both in the tone of the lyrics and in the arrangements, which include tasty bits for glockenspiel, singing saw and typewriter.” – Globe And Mail – Robert Everett- Green – 23/09/05

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Fembots, “Calling Out” Album Cover (medium)

Calling Out

(weewerk 026)2008

Can I Be Your Mirror?
God Keep Our Hands Clean
JL Recalls His Amazon Adventure From A Comfortable Chair In The Window Of No.5 The Kingsway
Lost At Sea
The Ballad Of Lucybell Carter
The End Of The Day