Note that the CD is no longer packaged in the hand-made version mentioned in some reviews.

Selected Press for Tin Type

“impassioned, shining, melodious music… bringing to mind Conor Oberst, Palace and acoustic Uncle Tupelo… an essential purchase” – MP, Americana UK, January 2004.

“[Elliott Brood’s] debut CD-EP contains 6 smart, modern alt. folk songs – performed on acoustic guitars and banjo – that are infused with a timeless feel. As intriguing as the songs themselves is the packaging: contained within the small brown bag in which it arrives is a four-leaf, thick board, hand-bound book which resembles a turn-of-the-century photo album. With the disc inside are old-time photos – the whole thing feels like a souvenir from the early 1900s. It makes for an all-around gratifying experience, as [they] gruff out songs which paint grainy images of the modern frontier.” –

“Handsomely packaged in a black book-bound sleeve and sold in a brown paper bag, Elliott Brood’s six-track 3-inch Tin Type CD EP amazingly turns out to be just as impressive musically as it is aesthetically. The banjo-bashing and suitcase-swatting local threesome of Casey Laforet, Mark Sasso and Stephen Pitkin howl and creak their way through an old-timey nightmare – a dark ‘n’ dirty antithesis to the namby-pamby blather coming from the current crop of alt-country cuties. A hugely promising opening shot.” Tim Perlich, NOW Toronto (Link…)