What Is Being Said About Harmonica

Soundproof Magazine: “Undoubtedly the best looking band on the CMW circuit, Norwegian pop-quintet Harmonica serve up a heavy dose of serious sexiness alongside their smoldering, high-energy power-pop performance. Ferociously powerful, yet incredibly cute, only a band fronted by three blonde rocker chicks could pull off Harmonica’s skilful balancing act of raw punk and sugar pop.” 

ChartAttack.com: “Harmonica might just be the friendliest and most fun indie band on the planet. They’re a burst of musical sunshine who charmed the audience with their coy banter, jokes, thank yous and flirting. The room was in a frenzy by the end of the set.” 

Now Magazine: “Adorable Harmonica brought some powerfully fun shouty punk-pop stylings to Sneaky Dees. Lead singer/guitarist Monica Johansen yelped, shouted, and belted her way through keyed-up, distorted riffage, rocking undiscovered hits with her gang of five, powered by the solid drumming of Karl Magnus Bjoroy.” 

LonelyVagabond: “Harmonica was one of the best bands I saw during Canadian Music Week. The band definitely impressed a lot of people.”