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“…Mitchell’s voice – less musical, more out-of-tune conversation – is charming and cheeky. Together, they are idiosyncratic musicians and crafty storytellers. ‘The Commute’ mocks Guelph musicians turned big city defectors and ‘Show Promoter Dan’ is a bald-faced, less-than-sympathetic dirge about one notorious Toronto promoter character. This second record is catchy, clever and well worth a listen. Or six.” – Lauren Ferranti, Chart, February 2004, p. 40 

“…Although far from being polished producers, they score full points for originality, attitude and effort without pretension. The subject matter ranges from the minutiae of daily life to dodgy Toronto promoters and they approach their songs with an air of eccentricity that should be celebrated. Fans of art pop guru Momus may wish to take a peek. The quirkly style of musicianship may not be for everyone, but this is a breath of fresh air for a scene prone to stagnation.” – Rob Bolton, Exclaim!, February 2004, p. 52 

“…a friend of mine told me to go see this band called The Barmitzvah Brothers at the Silver Dollar. I’m glad I did. The Barmitzvah Brothers are made up of two girls aged 18 and two boys aged 14 and 15. They were nothing short of amazing. Using bizarre instruments like a kitschy keyboard and a hockey stick with chains, they played quirky unpredictable art rock tunes that I never expect from a bunch of kids. Some of their songs are priceless, especially the one about committing mail fraud – an instant classic!” – Ben Lai, “Canadian Music Week” review, Discorder (Vancouver), April 2003 

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The Barmitzvah Brothers, “Mr. Bones’ Walk-in Closet” Album Cover (medium)

Mr. Bones' Walk-in Closet

(weewerk 002)2003

Jimmy and Dorothy Part 4
A song for Grant
Show Promoter Dan
Agatha Read
Somewhat Conceivable (but not yet achievable)
We didn't clap when this man played (& neither did that lady)
10:30 am
Song for the Lonely Day