After having a very ‘Happy Birthday’ in 2008, THE BURNING HELL are the proud new parents of ‘BABY’, a joyful collection of songs about children and death. Fronted by ukulele-slinger and songwriter Mathias Kom, the band has spent the last year touring non-stop across Canada and Europe. They also managed to squeeze in a few quick and dirty recording sessions in the process, and ‘BABY’ is the result. Recorded almost entirely live, ‘Baby’ displays the band at their most hyperactive, frantic and fun. Fans of older Burning Hell recordings have no need to fear, as Kom’s lyrics still take center stage, and he still thinks the world is a terrible and hilarious place to live. With tongues firmly in cheeks, fingers mostly on the right chords, new members and exciting special guests, the newest edition of The Burning Hell sincerely hopes you enjoy ‘BABY’, an album filled with animals, conferences, suicides, wombs and tombs. 

What Folks Have Said About The Burning Hell and ‘Happy Birthday’:

Exclaim! Magazine Dec. 08 – Artists to Watch in 2009 – “Happy Birthday, their (weewerk) debut of low-key ukelele and banjo-driven baritone ballads that showcased Mathias Kom’s wry wit and songwriting strength. Their celebratory circus of a live show, however, is a different beast altogether; constant cross-country touring transformed this Peterborough crew into one of the best live acts in the country.” 

Toronto Star, Jan. 08 – “Don’t let Mathias Kom’s doomy Leonard Cohen baritone or the brooding, skeletal folk arrangements upon which he tends to hang his words fool you – the guy’s actually pretty funny. The Burning Hell’s latest album, Happy Birthday, is veritably overflowing with black wit and cracked genius.” 

Guelph Mercury, Feb. 08 – “Happy Birthday is a perfect balance of mirth and the morbid… every song here announces Kom as one of the finest new songwriters in Canada.” 

Exclaim! Magazine, Feb 08 – “With its dark humour and quirky parlour pop, Happy Birthday is a damned fine record, showcasing the sharp charm of the Burning Hell’s main man, Mathias Kom… With flashes of American iconography and old, weird folk leanings, Happy Birthday is foreign but comfortable.”, Jan. 08 – “Moments of macabre comedy weave their way in and out of nearly every song on Happy Birthday… the kind of album we’ll be throwing on the stereo as the end times draw near and we crowd into our bomb shelters to eat granola bars and have a good laugh over everything that’s gone wrong with the world.” 

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(weewerk 032)2009

Old World
Everybody Needs A Body (To Be Somebody)
The Things That People Make, Part 2
Grave Situation, Part 3
Precious Island
Animal Hides
The Berlin Conference