Chairmen Of The Boards, "Surfin' The Apocalypse" Album Cover (large)

Thermal wet suit?  Right.  Maybe next year.  With winter closing in, surf rock trio Chairmen Of The Boards are here to keep the warm summer time vibes alive on your jukebox.     We are excited to open up pre-ordering on Friday November 6th for our upcoming full length debut release “Surfin’ The Apocalypse” on (weewerk).  

You have the choice of limited run vinyl LP, CD or digital download. If CD’s are your thing, we have good news, they are already available to ship!  So you won’t have to wait and can have it in your hands before the official release date on November 27th.   If you pre-order the digital download you will immediately receive 6 gratis tracks from the album including the singles “Board Whacks”, “Run-A-Wave”, “Moonlight Beach”, the Dick Dale cover “Taco Wagon”,  the album title track “Surfin’ The Apocalypse’ and the sweet album closer “Sand Between Your Toes”.   And, for those who prefer everything that’s better about vinyl, the LPs (180g, digital download card included) will be available to ship before the end of 2020.  

All pre-orders will be automatically entered for a chance to win a Chairmen Of The Boards face mask.  Could come in handy for some time yet.   If you would like to check out the sounds, the whole album is now available for preview on the bands Bandcamp page: