Selected Press Quotes For Canteen Knockout

ROOTSTIME.DE (Belgium) CD REVIEW – The superb album “Navajo Steel” from Canteen Knockout is simply an obligatory purchase! 13 very well written alt-country songs, including “Back to the Country” which is an 18 carats diamond, “Georgia” that is celestially beautiful, while “Balls Out Trucking”, “Dad Song” and “Time On My Hands” seem to have been exactly tailored for the Roots Rocker. Alex Maxymiw (ex-Luther Wright & the Wrongs) brings his pedal steel chops to a masters level on the songs “Home”, “Mexico”, “Navajo Steel” and “Overnight Girl”, I get chills when listening to these tracks and feel that such moments are threatened to die out in this computer-controlled world. (SWA)

NOW MAGAZINE – “well-crafted and aurally pleasing rootsy rockers” (Nick Flanagan)

ANTISOCIAL BUTTERFLY ZINE CD REVIEW – Blame it on Andre Skinner’s frequent time-off trips burning the highway south of the border in between his many gigs across Ontario, or just his love for road songs, Canteen Knockout’s long-awaited second release and first full length offering, NAVAJO STEEL, could easily be called or taglined “The Driving Album”.

L’ordre du jour on NAVAJO STEEL is definitely rock with generous twang, echoing The Flying Burrito Brothers and early 70s country-fied Rolling Stones. Lead guitarist Alex Maxymiw, in addition to his stratocaster lashings, adds his beautiful pedal steel talents to the mix, either in the foreground or background. These are well crafted country songs performed by unpretentious rockers who appreciate their country influences. Enjoy this strong, humble and honest effort by Toronto’s unsung saddle riding heroes. (Jeff Cole)

North Shore News – There’s something remarkably candid and sincere about frontman Andre Skinner – no doubt he believes in and feels the lyrics. Overall, a confident, polished sound. (Jocelyn Chan)