Jerome Forde is Jerome Forde, in the purest of sense and in actual reality.

On the Americana / Folk Roots Pop Rock Spectrum, Jerome Forde has all on his lonesome delivered a stellar new debut that you need to hear.

As God/Satan is my “Breaking Bad” witness of the ten commandments, the songs on his first album not only inspire personal salvation but also instill total existential devastation of enlightenment.

It’s a classic Mexican stand off, if you will, with only learned listeners being the victors. 

Lead single “Marigold” immediately slays and sets the magical aural stage for a magical ride.

The rest of the songs land like a welcoming solace of peace and rest assurance that all is not just going to be okay, they are going to be brilliant!

Jerome Forde “Jerome Forde”
Track Listing:

  1. Dear Misery    4:19
  2. Sleepwalking    3:27
  3. Marigold     2:53
  4. The Way Home    3:24
  5. I Need To Know    2:50
  6. No Good At Goodbyes   2:52
  7. Sarah, Please    4:08
  8. You Don’t Even Try     3:27
  9. The River’s Wide   3:28
  10. Only   2:58

All songs written & performed by Jerome Forde
Copyright @2023 ASCAP / (weewerk)

Jerome Forde is Jerome Forde
Album Instrumentation:

Acoustic guitar
Electric guitar
Bass guitar

Record Label / Management:
(weewerk) Phil Klygo 416.877.2947

Jason Schneider Media 226.500.4865