Jerome Forde “Jerome Forde”

Jerome Forde is Jerome Forde, in the purest of sense and in actual reality. On the Americana / Folk Roots Pop Rock Spectrum, Jerome Forde has all on his lonesome delivered a stellar new debut that you need to hear. As God/Satan is my “Breaking Bad” witness of the ten commandments, the songs on his first album not only inspire personal salvation but also instill total existential devastation of enlightenment. It’s a classic Mexican stand off, if you will, with only learned listeners being the victors.  Lead single “Marigold” immediately slays and sets the magical aural stage for a magical

Jerome Forde

Jerome Forde is an American songwriter hailing from the upper Midwest. His songs combine folk, pop, and alt-country music styles, echoing the sounds of Neil Young, Elliott Smith, The Mountain Goats and Townes Van Zandt. Born and raised in Wisconsin, Forde began writing songs at a young age. At eighteen, he fell in love with a girl, left his hometown, and spent the next decade and a half traveling the country, studying mystical philosophy and starting a family. Repulsed by the Christo-fascist tendencies of American religion, Forde abruptly abandoned his brief stint as an ordained minister and moved with his