Jerome Forde “Jerome Forde”

Jerome Forde is Jerome Forde, in the purest of sense and in actual reality. On the Americana / Folk Roots Pop Rock Spectrum, Jerome Forde has all on his lonesome delivered a stellar new debut that you need to hear. As God/Satan is my “Breaking Bad” witness of the ten commandments, the songs on his first album not only inspire personal salvation but also instill total existential devastation of enlightenment. It’s a classic Mexican stand off, if you will, with only learned listeners being the victors.  Lead single “Marigold” immediately slays and sets the magical aural stage for a magical

Jerome Forde, "Wintertide Blues" Album Cover (medium)

Jerome Forde “Wintertide Blues”

Jerome Forde’s follow-up to his acclaimed self-titled debut, WINTERTIDE BLUES is another tour de force of pure songwriting. From the plush, Beach Boys-style harmonies of its opener to the bold and dynamic instrumentation of its subsequent tracks, Forde’s impressive second album is a must-hear collection of gritty love songs–as bitter as they are sweet. There is a quiet desperation to them, like that of a man who has lost love (and maybe even his mind), but a desperation infused with an always greaterhope in love’s return.      Preview lead single ALL ALONG, as well as MISTAKEN FOR THE DEAD and RETURN

Jerome Forde

Jerome Forde is an American songwriter hailing from the upper Midwest. His songs combine folk, pop, and alt-country music styles, echoing the sounds of Neil Young, Elliott Smith, The Mountain Goats and Townes Van Zandt. Born and raised in Wisconsin, Forde began writing songs at a young age. At eighteen, he fell in love with a girl, left his hometown, and spent the next decade and a half traveling the country, studying mystical philosophy and starting a family. Repulsed by the Christo-fascist tendencies of American religion, Forde abruptly abandoned his brief stint as an ordained minister and moved with his