Ox, “American Lo Fi” Album Cover (medium)

Ox – American Lo Fi

“#1. ‘Surrender’ & ‘Miss Idaho’- Unable to choose between these two songs from the Vancouver band’s follow-up to the stunning Dust Bowl Revival, We finally gave up and picked both of them. The former is an unlikely loping country re-make of Cheap Tricks’s signature tune; the latter is a melancholy, Neil Young-ish original thats reminiscent of the sound that Jay Farrar has refined both on his own and with Son Volt, Wilco, and Uncle Tupelo. ‘Miss Idaho’ certainly holds its own with anything those two gentlemen have done in years.” – John Sakamoto, “Anti Hit List”, Toronto Star  “Touchingly organic…

Ox, “Burnout” Album Cover (medium)

Ox – Burnout

Painting their dust bowl soundscapes with a much more textured brush than ever before, OX jumps down the rabbit hole with their stellar new album, entitled “BURNOUT”. Picking up where their acclaimed second full-length, “American Lo Fi’ (2006) left off OX combines elements of psychedelic rock with their alt-country & americana tendencies to create an especially warm sound on this seven song treasure. In 2007, the Vancouver based band relocated to their roots in Sudbury to found Cosmic Daves Sound Emporium, a fully analog recording studio that has set the foundation for years of future indulgencies on tape. “Burnout” represents

Ox, “Burnout” Album Cover (medium)


As soon as we hear Mark Browning’s drawling vocals creak on the opening song “Miss Idaho” we instantly know that Ox has delivered an album of stature. Dope-soaked, derelict and wired, “American Lo Fi” features 11 songs that give a nod to Velvet Underground meets Bruce Springsteen, trading New Jersey urban fairground for Pacific interstate moonscape. Ox’s long awaited follow up to the seminal alt-country, indie hybrid classic, ‘Dust Bowl Revival’, fuses weary with vicious, punk with hillbilly, the farmer in the city with the electro-magnetic aura of tape hiss and amp crackle. ”American Lo Fi” was recorded in the