The Two-Minute Miracles, “Volume 3.5: Rats” Album Cover (medium)

The Two-Minute Miracles – Volume 3.5: Rats

Selected Press Quotes For The Two-Minute Miracles “The Two Minute Miracles are a bit of a wonder, in that they actually live up to their name. Each song on their sophomore album, Volume II is short enough to speak the truth. The record is a throwback to the perfect pop gem, blending in some bluegrass and Americana with a catchy indie rock sound to broaden the appeal. The songs share the same ragged spirit as acts like Sparklehorse and mates Royal City, aiming for a lonesome, “home is where the heart is” message. The tunes sway back and forth like

The Two-Minute Miracles, "Volume IV: The Lions Of Love" Album Cover (medium)

The Two-Minute Miracles – Volume IV: The Lions Of Love

Selected Press Quotes For Volume IV: The Lions of Love “Two-Minute Miracles return with a captivating collection of 16 spirited songs. Andy Magoffin has never been shy conveying anecdotal info in his music and, as something of a sponge, his quirky curiosity has yielded some terrific multi-layered lyrics. A master musician to boot, Magoffin’s Two-Minute Miracles can be the most daring rock band this side of Wilco, building ingenious songs up into sturdy, eye-catching structures… Endearing and puzzling, The Lions of Love is a welcome, pure dose of seedy rock’n’roll by the Two-Minute Miracles.” – Vish Khanna, Exclaim!  “Producer Andy

The Two-Minute Miracles, "Volume IV: The Lions Of Love" Album Cover (medium)

Two-Minute Miracles

J. Andrew Magoffin & (weewerk) are extremely proud to announce the release of the new Two-Minute Miracles full-length album, Volume IV – “The Lions Of Love”. It has been four years since their last release but rest assured “The Lions Of Love” has all the loose shingles of Volume I, all the hope and spark of Volume II, and all the complex and beautiful songwriting of Volume III, making it the best Two-Minute Miracles record to date. The Two-Minute Miracles have been creating ragged alt-country and mesmerizing harmonic pop music since the beginning of singer/guitarist Andrew Magoffin’s tape-recording and songwriting