Selected Press Quotes For The Two-Minute Miracles

“The Two Minute Miracles are a bit of a wonder, in that they actually live up to their name. Each song on their sophomore album, Volume II is short enough to speak the truth. The record is a throwback to the perfect pop gem, blending in some bluegrass and Americana with a catchy indie rock sound to broaden the appeal. The songs share the same ragged spirit as acts like Sparklehorse and mates Royal City, aiming for a lonesome, “home is where the heart is” message. The tunes sway back and forth like the wind, moving from the rootsy country blues of “Meekly Mate” to the oohs and aahs of the unforgettable “Rayon Queen in a Nylon Dream” and the tin pan alley sound of “Eleven Toes”. Volume II is a very delightful record and is highly recommended for anyone who likes a little something different added to their pop music.” – Cam Lindsay,

The Two-Minute Miracles, “Volume 3.5: Rats” Album Cover (medium)

Volume 3.5: Rats

(weewerk 011)2007

Night Of Rain
The Bee Hell
Top Heavy