Past Press Quotes:

Manchester Evening News: “… a real pearl!” “jingly, jangly, catchy and with enough spiced weirdness to keep the Drag City crowd happy. The pick for me is the opening track ‘Only Waiting’ which sounds like it could have been made 40 years ago, which is probably exactly what the band were going for. Lovely.” 

Metro UK: “Bursting at the seams with wistful, harmony-laden tunes” 

Carol Hodge BBC Manchester: “This is toe-tapping light revelry, all 60s middle Americana. Their finest moments drip richly with a three-way vocal velvet” 

Review from Glastonbury competition by 

“The Travelling Band are for me the best act of the night by some margin, with gorgeous harmonies, foot tapping rhythms and psychedelic guitar work, this is the kind of music I love. A six piece act with Byrds harmonies, acoustic guitars, and a deep understanding of American folk, with jazz and other influences meandering amongst the jangly guitars and sun shot rhythms. There are four writers in the band so each of them takes turns to sing their songs, seeing this band at a festival this summer they will make you feel great.”

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The Travelling Band, “The Redemption of Mr. Tom” Album Cover (medium)

The Redemption Of Mr. Tom

(weewerk 024)2008

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