Canteen Knockout, “Broken Down Town” Album Cover (medium)

Canteen Knockout – Broken Down Town

After a great run with their debut full-length album Navajo Steel (2008), Canteen Knockout returns with their best effort yet. Their new album, “Broken Down Town” is rich with melodic textures and impeccable production that run heavy with emotional songs. The band takes a live off the floor approach in the studio, consciously avoiding overproduction. With this grass roots approach you really feel like you are in the room with the band. Along with standout tracks “Whiskey Drains the Pain”, “Louisiana” and “Bent Out Of Shape”, Canteen Knockout put together a gorgeous and equally creepy version of Gordon Lightfoot’s, “The Wreck

Canteen Knockout, “Navajo Steel” Album Cover (medium)

Canteen Knockout – Navajo Steel

Selected Press Quotes For Canteen Knockout ROOTSTIME.DE (Belgium) CD REVIEW – The superb album “Navajo Steel” from Canteen Knockout is simply an obligatory purchase! 13 very well written alt-country songs, including “Back to the Country” which is an 18 carats diamond, “Georgia” that is celestially beautiful, while “Balls Out Trucking”, “Dad Song” and “Time On My Hands” seem to have been exactly tailored for the Roots Rocker. Alex Maxymiw (ex-Luther Wright & the Wrongs) brings his pedal steel chops to a masters level on the songs “Home”, “Mexico”, “Navajo Steel” and “Overnight Girl”, I get chills when listening to these

Canteen Knockout, “Broken Down Town” Album Cover (medium)

Canteen Knockout

Founded in 2004 by multi-instrumentalist Andre Skinner, Canteen Knockout is Toronto’s most original alt-country rock band. The title of their first full-length CD, “Navajo Steel”, is a glimpse into the vibe of Canteen Knockout: beautifully-crafted yet high-energy music inspired by long journeys along the road less traveled through hot, dry places; and a thirst that can never be fully quenched. Their passionate and rapidly growing fan base regularly packs Toronto rock clubs such as Silver Dollar, Horseshoe Tavern, and Cadillac Lounge. Now, as one might expect from a band like Canteen Knockout, they are poised to hit the road and