The ground is dry and there is no rain in sight. In the heat of the 2003 blackout Proof of Ghosts came to be. On a crowded bar patio by candlelight with the humid haunted black skyline against a still blacker sky Steve Shoe began to sing.

That simplified and honest experience slowly grew, out of napkin song ideas and a basement recording session, Proof of Ghosts gradually began to flower, and in 2005 Steve began to perform his new songs live. With a core trio consisting of Steve Shoe (The Electric Shoes), Mike Duffield (The Postage Stamps), and Mike Hawko (Sinking Ships), Proof Of Ghosts has an extended family that includes; Jason Baird (Do Make Say Think, Feist), Kelly Sue O’Connor (Henri Fabrige and the Adorables), Justin Small (Do Make Say Think, Lullaby Arkestra) and Trevor Coleman (The Boat), amongst others.

The release of Proof Of Ghosts’ self titled debut record is a momentous occasion. Proof Of Ghosts features 15 songs of pure pleasure and aural ectascy, with heartfelt lyrics and guitar rupted waves of emotion. This is folk rock that mesmerizes.

Proof of Ghosts has shared the stage with touring acts White Whale and VCR, locals Rock Plaza Central, Cansancos, The Diabaleros, and Timber Timbre and joined Do Make Say Think on tour in Washington DC.

Would sound great on a mix tape with: Band Of Horses, Dinosaur Jr, East River Pipe, Chad Van Gaalen, Miracle Fortress, Buffalo Tom, Great Lake Swimmers, CCR

Proof of Ghosts are
Steve Shoe – voice/ guitar/ banjo/ piano/ drums/ music/ lyrics
Mike Hawko – bass/ vocals/ acoustic guitar
Mike Duffield – drums/ atmosphere/ vibes

“This music is an aural awakening, an introspective journey of folk powered nuggets that’s both part sustained euphoria, part innocent candida. My faith is restored, POGs’ palate of swirly, folk-tinged rock, piercing vocals, soaring arrangements and lush sound make it the soundtrack to a sonic mystical adventure.” – Lonely Vagabond – – Dec 2007

Proof Of Ghosts have recently signed with Toronto’s acclaimed (weewerk) Records: “The idea for Proof Of Ghosts was originally conceived during the Northeast Blackout of 2003 when an estimated 50 million people in Ontario and the United States were left without electricity. While troublesome for many, group founder Steve Shoe had a fantastic night, sitting at a patio bar surrounded by candles and singing with friends and other patrons. Using this stripped down approach as inspiration, he began recording acoustic music in his basement, both alone and occasionally with like-minded friends. Shoe does his best to continue to pay tribute to the dark August night that started it all by working a rotating cast of guest singers and players into sets whenever possible. Will the addition of different guest musicians for each concert eventually turn them into a Broken Social Scene-sized ensemble? Only time will tell. The bands’ MySpace page features three gorgeous alt-country cuts from the upcoming album that are destined to keep bodies warm on cold, electricity-free nights.” – Shawn Despres – – Nov 2007


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